CeMAP training on the internet

Learning has taken on a very different form over the years in comparison to how some of us perhaps used to remember it. Learning online or ‘e-learning’ as the phrase has now been coined is available for most things now and you can even take your CeMAP training online now if that is a method you feel would be better for you.

The main advantages of taking CeMAP training online are:

• Online course material is available whenever and wherever you need it. If there is an internet connection then you can access the CeMAP training materials
• You learn in and around your own commitments and at your own pace
• You avoid the expense and time of commuting to a full time CeMAP training course
• It is easy to go over any section of the course again, to refresh your mind or review notes

Of course, some CeMAP home study courses are better than others so watch for unnecessary and complicated extras like video or audio. As good as these are, they are usually little use when you want to search for something or review things.

Ensure your CeMAP training provider updates the home study material with every syllabus update, including all the self-test sections.

Online home study CeMAP courses are proving very popular, proving that online learning is here to stay.



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