Do courses include the cost of the exams?

We are often asked if our CeMAP courses, or other courses such as CeFA or CeRER, include the cost of the exams within the courses.

None of our courses do actually include the exam prices within the advertised price and there is a very good reason for this.

The main reason is that although a large number of our course delegates do wish to study for and take the exams, a significant number do not. We are an approved training provider for many large corporations who buy their own exams in bulk direct from the ifs School of Finance so they do not want us to do any exam registrations for them. Those who do not wish to take the exams like to take the courses because they want to learn more about the mortgage market or finance in general. The CeMAP courses are very popular with property developers, for instance, and the CeFA courses are highly popular with those just wishing to get a general knowledge on how investments work, how to make sure they understand the investment products they are looking at and many people are interested in how pensions and even tax works!

By not including the exam prices within the course, this also helps people get onto the couses earlier as it removes the higher price barrier that some training providers cause by including the fees. This way, people can take the courses, and then take a little time to revise whilst budgeting for the exams. There is also a rather small minority who take the courses or one of them, and then decide that the career may not be for them. They haven’t wasted their money on an exam when they know they won’t be taking subsequent courses or exams.

Overall, we find that by not including the exam prices it keeps more options open for people.



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