Do I need special CeMAP training for Scotland?

When you intend to work as a mortgage advisor in Scotland, CeMAP training courses in Scotland are more difficult to find, but do you really need to find a special CeMAP course for Scotland?

There are certainly differences in the syllabus for Scotland, because the land laws in Scotland differ to those in England and Wales. As a result, the CeMAP exam taken in Scotland is different too. Although the differences may be slight, for instance there is no ‘leasehold’ under property law in Scotland, you should be made aware of them as every point can be valuable in the exam and to lose even one point on such a small matter would be unfair.

Even for those who live in Scotland and have bought a property there beforehand, the differences may not be obvious.
However, there are very few training providers offering CeMAP courses in Scotland – and few in England and Wales that will teach the difference. The main differences between the courses are in CeMAP 2.

Unfortunately, there is little demand in Scotland for dedicated CeMAP training courses, which is why there are so few training companies running courses there. Those that do run CeMAP courses in Scotland tend to charge more for the privilege and will not run them as often.

A reputable training provider should not only know the differences in the CeMAP syllabus for Scotland but should not charge a premium price for the knowledge.



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