Do I need to prepare before attending the training courses?

A number of people ask this question before they book our CeMAP, CeRER or CeFA courses, possibly because they have been looking around at training companies in this area and many have different requirements.

Many training companies for CeMAP, CeFA or even CeRER training courses require you to do some pre-study before attending their training courses. Often, this means that you need to pre-register for the exams with the ifs School of Finance to receive their books – but not everyone actually wants to take the exams and some like to feel a little more prepared before making that extra financial commitment.

Other training companies send you some sort of manual before the course and ask you to read it all. One or two CeMAP providers have asked their delegates to do up to 40 hours of study before arriving on the training course itself.

What these training providers forget is the reason why people are looking for training courses. Many don’t want to, or haven’t got the self-motivation or discipline, to do this much study by themselves. Sometimes people just need to get away from the home environment to study, hence the training course.

At Beacon Financial Training, we are proud that we take students of all ages without any financial background knowledge and can take them through any of our training courses and get them qualified within a month – without any prior study.

Part of the reason for this is that all our trainers are experienced teachers who have left the teaching profession and moved into the financial sector themselves for a new career. They know how to teach people, how different people learn and how to explain the concepts of the CeFA, CeRER or CeMAP syllabus.



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