Effective study techniques for the CeMAP

In order to become a qualified mortgage adviser, you will have to take on board the relevant training and pass the final exam.

However, completing the study material takes dedication and commitment. As such, planning the revision of the study material is vital to your success, which can help to ensure that all topics are covered sufficiently. Luckily, there are a number of techniques that you can apply to your learning to achieve success and a career in the mortgage industry.

Acknowledge and use feedback to your advantage

Utilise any feedback given on specific modules, as it will highlight areas for refocus and further cement your learning. Comments can also be used to identify additional learning resources.

Tackle your modules with an active learning approach

A proactive approach can maintain your focus and enthusiasm towards the implementation of your study plan. It also allows you to interact more fully with your studies. However, if you are unsure of how to do this, you can:

• Make a list of important dates and a glossary of terms used
• Take notes on topics that you found more challenging to revisit
• Highlight any points of interest and areas for further learning.

During your mortgage studies, you will establish learning outcomes for each module upon completion. Therefore, use these to their full potential, as they form the professional, intellectual and practical skills that will support you in the workplace.

What are the outcomes?

These fall into four different categories. The first is professional and practical skills, which can translate to a vocational setting. The second category is cognitive skills, including analysis and problem solving techniques, which would be applied during the affordability stage of a mortgage interview.

Next will be the key qualities that are gained during your study, like time management and communication skills. Again, these will be useful within your working day as a qualified mortgage adviser. Lastly, you will gain a thorough understanding of each topic area as you complete your studies, which will enable you to feel confident in your role, as you have the information needed to competently carry out tasks.

Having taken the decision to embark on a career within the mortgage industry, it is important to adopt the right approach to your studies to ensure success in passing the required exams and becoming qualified in your field. By implementing a structured study timetable and considering the above study techniques, you will soon be on your way to your chosen career.



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