Finding a good solicitor when buying a home

A solicitor has a pivotal role when you are buying a home. As this will probably be the most expensive purchase you make, it is crucial to have a supportive team, which includes your solicitor. There are some things you can do to ensure that you select the most suitable and reliable solicitor when buying a property.

You could start by asking the estate agent who they recommend. They deal with solicitors on a daily basis, so will know which ones are more likely to be proactive, and any which you should avoid. You could also ask friends and family if they have a solicitor which they would recommend.

Although much of the conveyancing process is done by post or online, you may need to deliver documents to a solicitor in a hurry, later on in the process. Although it doesn’t really matter where your solicitor is based, you may want to consider a local firm just in case you need to visit them in person.

Obtain quotes from solicitors so that you know what you will be expected to pay. However, don’t automatically opt for the cheapest solicitor, as they may not offer the best service. Once you have engaged a solicitor, speak to the person who will be dealing with your case, to establish rapport. You should also find out what to expect in terms of speed, cost and contact with the solicitor.

Mortgage advisers study on a CeMAP training course so they know what to expect from a solicitor, so they may be able to advise you.


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