How your heart can influence you when buying a new home

Although you should certainly be using your head to decide which house to buy, there are some instances where your heart can help influence the decision. There will always be some pros and cons to consider when buying your future home, but there are some aspects where you should let your heart do the choosing.

The views from your home will be with you until the day that you sell it, so you should love the view. If the searches on the Local Authority don’t reveal that there are any plans to change anything, then you know that this is the view you will face for the next 10 or 20 years, or even longer.

The location of the property is something which will impact on your lifestyle. If you originally wanted the shops or a school within walking distance, then you won’t be happy if you have to use local transport to reach them. Although your priorities may change over the years, make sure you choose a home which is in the ‘right location’ for you.

Some houses ‘feel’ different to others, and you should certainly listen to your heart when it comes to feelings. If a house just doesn’t feel right, then don’t buy it as it probably won’t change.

The garden is another feature which may be ruled by the heart. If you have always wanted a nice garden which you can spend time in, gardening or entertaining, make sure that you love the garden.

One of the most important factors which will require the use of your head, is the financial aspect. Consulting a CeMAP qualified mortgage advisor will certainly ensure that you use your head rather than your heart.



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