Which home improvements will add value to your property?

April is recognised as National Home Improvement Month, and encourages home owners to increase the value of their homes with some DIY. According to experts, there are some small improvements which you can make to your home, which will increase the value or saleability of the property.

One of the ways to create the illusion of space is to add mirrors to your home. Hanging a mirror opposite a window will make a room seem much lighter. An untidy garden will put off potential buyers for a house, so spend some time clearing the weeds, mowing the lawn and doing all those little jobs which you have been putting off.

A kitchen which is bright, clean and fresh will attract buyers. You don’t need to install a new kitchen, as you could paint the cupboard doors, change the handles and replace the lighting. Increase the amount of storage you have in the kitchen, as buyers will be looking at the available space you have, and clutter is very off putting.

Decorate your home in light neutral colours and styles. A busy pattern on the walls will make a room look much smaller and may not be to a buyer’s taste. Stick to neutral colours and a simple style so that a potential buyer can imagine what their own furniture would look like in that room.

Once you have prepared your home for sale, spend some time with a CeMAP qualified mortgage adviser, who will be able to find you a suitable mortgage deal, hopefully saving you some money.



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