How can advisors ensure success in the future?

Although the housing market remains in a fairly strong state at the moment, the cost of living crisis means that the country is entering another difficult period following the pandemic. So, what steps can mortgage advisors take to ensure continued success throughout a potentially difficult period?

Make use of tech

COVID-19 forced advisors to explore technology as a way of staying connected with clients, signing documents and other parts of the job. Tech has the potential to make working practices quicker and more efficient, giving advisors who use it an edge on competitors at a time when client expectations are rising all the time. With competition set to grow as the recession bites, that edge could make a real difference.

Show a commitment to sustainability

People are more concerned about climate change than they have ever been, and advisors need to show that it is something that they also take seriously. That should include a commitment to finding ‘green’ mortgage products and suggesting them to clients who show signs of being interested in sustainability.

Promote the importance of advice

The mortgage market is in flux to a greater degree than normal right now. Lenders are changing their rates and criteria to a dizzying degree as they respond to the economic situation.

These factors can make things tough for borrowers, so advisors should be promoting the value of help from an advisor with the CeMAP qualification. This is the best way for borrowers to secure a mortgage that suits their needs. However, they need to be made aware of this by their mortgage advisor.



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