How can advisors use technology to be more efficient?

Efficiency is crucial to success for a mortgage advisor. This is because reducing distractions and mundane busywork frees up time for pursuing new clients and completing applications. So, how can advisors increase their efficiency using technology?

Appointment scheduling

Trying to arrange a meeting with a client can sometimes turn into an extended debate, as you both try to find a suitable time slot. However, if you set up a tool such as the ‘appointment slots’ function on Google Calendar, it will allow the person looking to meet with you to quickly check when you are free and book a slot at that time.

Responding to emails

Advisors will typically have lots of emails coming in on an average day, and reading and responding to them takes up valuable time. One way of reducing the number of emails you receive is to unsubscribe to any mailing lists that are not really essential.

You can also cut the work involved in writing new emails or replying if you create a few standard responses using the ‘quick parts’ function on Outlook and sending out whichever is appropriate when you need to reply to a message.

Cut out distractions

Working online can bring a lot of distractions, but scrapping automated notifications for any app that is non-essential will cut the amount of noise that prevents you from getting important tasks completed.

If you did your CeMAP mortgage advisor course online, you will have a head start in using tech to improve efficiency, but it is something anyone can learn.


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