How can mortgage advisors meet green goals?

The mortgage advice market is a highly competitive one, and advisors must do everything they can to stand out.

Showing a commitment to social responsibility is one effective way, as the public grows increasingly concerned about the environment. You may, then, ask yourself the question: how can I make my business greener?


Developing a comprehensive system for recycling within your workplace is an excellent starting point, as it will get everyone within the company thinking about environmental issues. Putting up some recycling signs will also alert any potential clients who are visiting your premises to your goals.

Buy green

It’s easier to purchase practical products like cleaning ones that are better for the environment these days than it used to be. Take a look at what everyday products your company currently uses, and switch to greener ones where possible.

Phase out paper

If you can, try to reduce the amount of paper waste created by your business. More mortgage advice work is being carried out online now, and many of the new generation of advisors did their CeMAP training courses that way.

Go (literally) green

Adding some pot plants to your office space will not only make it a more pleasant place to work and visit, but can also help remove toxins from the air, while improving the everyday morale of your employees.

Once you have taken steps to improve your company’s eco-friendliness, go for a B-corporation certificate, so that you can demonstrate your credentials publicly.


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