How do you get organised for a CeMAP course?

Practising as a professional mortgage advisor takes dedication and hard work, so it’s little surprise that study courses to become qualified for such a role require equal amounts of effort and personal commitment.

The Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP) has been designed to provide would-be brokers with the knowledge and skills necessary to offer sound advice to their clients. If successfully completed, it also bestows on advisors a qualification that is recognised by UK regulators at the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the right to add the letters “CeMAP” after their name, which is respected by customers and employers across the UK.

Like any course, those teaching CeMAP require a degree of preparation from their students. In the next sections, we’ll look at how you can get organised for your classes and courses in advance, ensuring you’re ready to meet the challenge head-on.

Timetabling your CeMAP training course studies

Scheduling out study time is an essential step to get set up for CeMAP learning. Course candidates in employment or those who care for small children must fit their studies in around other commitments. Some CeMAP students, however, may already work in the mortgage market and be lucky enough to receive paid time off for studying.

It’s worth picking the best type of study course to suit your needs to ensure you have adequate time. A CeMAP home study course may be more flexible if you have limited time for learning, as you can fit it around your regular routine. However, other students with more freedom and who prefer an in-person lesson can find courses taught in conventional classes better suited to them.

How long does CeMAP mortgage advisor training take to complete?

Although every student will learn at their own pace, the length of time typically recommended for a CeMAP course is around 230 hours. While it will depend on the amount of time at a candidate’s disposal, they should be able to complete their course in between three months to a year.

Sharpen your mortgage advisor skills

CeMAP courses offer future brokers with a wealth of knowledge on mortgage products and regulations, along with brand-new skills necessary for their new career. However, those embarking on becoming an advisor can brush up on their abilities before they even start their course.

From fellow brokers to clients, banks and surveyors, mortgage advising involves successfully managing relationships. CeMAP students can prepare by building their interpersonal skills, which they can do by collaborating and cooperating with family and friends, along with their peers.

Personal confidence is key to reassuring clients your advice is sound. CeMAP learners who work can also practise being persuasive and assertive by suggesting smart and logical proposals before demonstrating how effective they are.

Acquire your CeMAP mortgage advisor qualification now

At Beacon Financial Training, our CeMAP course has been developed to suit a wide range of individual requirements. We offer home learning opportunities so that students can avoid travelling costs, as well as classroom courses in our dedicated UK training centres. Get in touch today to start your training.


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