How learning can impact on your life

Lifelong learning can have a huge impact on an individual’s life, affecting health and wellbeing and the economic status of that person.

Learning often increases earnings potential and makes an individual a more desirable candidate for various job roles. A stable career, combined with higher income can also have a positive impact on wellbeing and social status.

Further learning as an adult is actively encouraged by many employers, who will benefit from the increased knowledge of their workforce. For some roles, it is essential to hold a professional qualification, like the CeMAP qualification for mortgage advisers. Continuous learning ensures that skills and knowledge are kept up to date, providing current information for clients.

Continuous learning is good for the mind, creating a hunger for further learning. As people get older, research has shown that learning helps to keep the mind active, and in addition, promotes a happy disposition. Learning can help an individual adapt to change, which is often perceived as particularly difficult as people age. However, learning alongside colleagues will make it possible to stay aware of changes while also having fun.

Learning can help an individual to forge friendships with like-minded people, sharing ideas and knowledge. You may also discover that you build self-esteem as you learn more, building confidence as you gain new skills in life.

It is always possible to learn something new at any age, whether it is for self-fulfilment or to gain a professional qualification for a career change.



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