How long does it take to get CeMAP?

To become a professional mortgage advisor, you will need a qualification that is accepted by the Financial Conduct Authority. Recognised as a mark of excellence in offering mortgage guidance, a Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP) is ideal, but how long will it take to complete your studies and get accredited? Read on for some useful details before you begin studying.

Timetabling your studies effectively

The perfect start to studying CeMAP involves drawing up a plan to suit your needs. While organising a timetable for studying may be straightforward, you will first need to know how many hours you will need to complete your CeMAP course. While everyone learns at different rates, the recommended length of time required for CeMAP studies is 230 hours. If you start with this amount of time and add it to your schedule you will have a rough idea of when you will finish your course, if it takes you less time that is even better.

Studying CeMAP in different circumstances

The main factor affecting how long it will take to complete your CeMAP training course is your personal situation.

If you are planning a career change and are currently working in full time, you may only be able to devote time over weekends and evenings to your studies. Without additional distractions, it may be possible to complete your course in six months. However, if you have other social or personal commitments such as caring for younger family members, it may extend this time period to a year.

Some people undertaking CeMAP learning are already working in the industry and supported by an employer. They are given an allowance of training time out of their working hours to study as their CeMAP qualification relates to their role. If this is your circumstance, you can potentially take as little as three months to complete your course.

Selecting the correct CeMAP training course

Everyone learns in their own specific way and at a pace that suits them. When choosing how you study CeMAP it is worth considering the style of learning that works best for you.

If your situation means that you will need to fit your studies around your existing workload, you may find a home study CeMAP course to be beneficial. As well as the greater level of flexibility, learning online with a distance learning course also enables students to replay online lessons for better retention. If you find human interaction with face-to-face learning is an easier way for you to learn, CeMAP classes at a dedicated centre could be a better fit.

Specialist support for your studies

Regardless of how long you take to achieve your mortgage advisor training qualification, when you have finished it, you can add ‘CeMAP’ after your name, showing clients and companies your credentials.

At Beacon Financial Training we take a personalised approach to instructing our students, offering one-to-one support and courses that suit a range of circumstances. Make the best of your time and advance your career with a CeMAP qualification.


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