How often is the CeMAP training syllabus updated?

We wrote last week about ensuring that your CeMAP pass papers were up to date when preparing for CeMAP exam, as it’s important when undertaking your CeMAP training that you’re working off the most up to date source. There’s little advantage to working from out of date pass papers that were acquired from sources such as eBay if the information contained in the papers is inaccurate or out of date, as when you come to sit your CeMAP exam you’ll find that the information you have been working with no longer applies.

With this in mind it’s important to know just how often the CeMAP syllabus is updated, and that your CeMAP training company is also aware of this and factors any changes into the CeMAP training courses that they offer, updating pass papers for you to study with so that any out of date or irrelevant questions are removed.

CeMAP syllabus

The CeMAP syllabus is updated twice a year, meaning that course materials and practices need to be reviewed and if necessary updated also.



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