How to find the perfect CeMAP training course

When it comes to finding a CeMAP training course provider, there are a few pointers that separate the good, the bad and the ugly. Here are a few things to watch out for and ensure you get from your training provider:

– Materials: The CeMAP syllabus is updated twice a year. Ask your training provider how they cope with these changes, are their materials updated or do they just ‘add on’. The materials should be updated
– Class sizes: There is little benefit in attending a CeMAP course jam-packed with too many delegates. Too many people feel intimidated about asking questions in such an environment. Classes should be no more than 10 attendees per tutor
– Tutor: How qualified is the teacher? Naturally you should expect that they have at least taken their CeMAP exam themselves, but how qualified are they to teach? Ensure they have had teaching experience – years of it.
– Location: Always ask where the courses are held. They should be in a reputable venue, although it is not unusual for these to be hired in order to cater to areas nationwide.
– Price: The price should be competitive. If it is extremely expensive, ask yourself what extra you get for your money. If you pay a deposit, make sure it is refundable in the event of the course being cancelled.
– Exam: Check if the exam is included in the price. If it is, ask yourself if you will feel rushed into doing the exam within the course. If you were to fail, what guarantees are offered? Many prefer to book the exam separately.



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