How to plan for CeMAP studies

If you’re embarking on a new career as a mortgage advisor in the United Kingdom, a Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice, better known as a CeMAP, is the ideal starting point.

The CeMAP training course has been carefully designed to fully prepare candidates for offering advice and to ensure they excel in their new role. Well considered, the training modules will take brokers through every step, from learning about the laws that relate to providing advice, to helping clients achieve their dreams while always managing their expectations.

CeMAP courses are well planned, but it’s also essential that those wishing to become advisors organise their studies just as efficiently. The following are some points to consider when you’re getting ready to start your CeMAP studies.

Organising your timetable

As individuals, course candidates will take different lengths of time to complete their training. While all three modules of the CeMAP course typically take around 230 hours, how long students need to set aside for studying will depend on multiple factors. For example, those who are studying in their spare time when they are free from personal commitments or agreed employment hours, will need to work around their existing obligations.

Depending on personal circumstances, a CeMAP qualification could be gained in as little as three months or as long as a year. However, after registering for your CeMAP training, you will have a 12-month window in which to complete your training and sit your final exam.

A wise way to start getting organised when planning your studies is to look at how much time you will have at your disposal and spread out the 230 hours across a timetable that suits your schedule.

Personal circumstances and commitments

When planning your studies, it’s important to look at your life and work out where you can find room for learning. This can often be the area that has the largest impact on just how long it will take for you to become qualified. While short-term lifestyle changes are not difficult to cope with, some obligations can’t be simply set aside.

If you are presently employed in the industry, your employer may have provided you with CeMAP studies as part of your role, including time off to train while you are receiving an income. However, many people who seek to become professional advisors are not working in the legal field. In search of better prospects and a more rewarding career path, they are sometimes employed in a different sector entirely without the option for time off to study. With only weekends and evening to fit in CeMAP training, such candidates can still usually finish their course in a six-month period.

If you have responsibilities that involve caring for others, like elderly family members or young children, be prepared for your CeMAP studies to take longer and account for this in your planning.

After organising your pre-existing commitments and building your timetable, you’ll be all set to start your CeMAP studies.



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