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Should I take a mortgage advisor course?

The answer to the question of whether you should take a mortgage advisor course is certainly ‘yes’ if you think you are the sort of person who would enjoy and excel in the role, but what skills and qualifications do you need to achieve this?

The skills

There are several skills that are needed to become a mortgage advisor. For a start, you must be a good communicator who can also negotiate well, and a good organiser who pays attention to details.

Mortgages can be complex, so the advisor needs to be able to absorb complicated information and pass on that information in a clear and succinct way to their clients. On top of all these skills, a mortgage advisor needs to have great motivation and a drive to succeed.


It is not necessary to have a university degree or excellent GCSE/A Level results to become a mortgage advisor, but you do need a CeMap qualification, which you will get if you successfully pass the mortgage advisor course.

If you think you have the qualities, enrol on a mortgage advisor course. A course to gain a CeMap qualification can be done full-time or part-time at Beacon training.

After completing the mortgage advisor course

After you have completed your course and obtained a CeMap qualification, the task of finding a job in the sector awaits. There are self-employed mortgage advisors, but most have had some experience of working for financial companies before going it alone.

A financial advisor’s job is to have knowledge of a range of mortgage products so that they can recommend a suitable one for their clients. They need to explain the details about mortgages, how payments work and what the risks are. After a mortgage has been chosen, the advisor can help their clients fill in the application form, perhaps liaising with the estate agents and solicitors to make sure the mortgage process proceeds smoothly.

Your first job likely will be a junior position, perhaps in a bank or within a mortgage broker company. Expect the pay to be around £22,000 to £25,000 per year, but over time your salary will increase. Experienced advisors receive a commission based on the number and value of mortgages arranged. Highly experienced mortgage advisors can earn in excess of £50,000 a year.

Apply now

To enroll in a mortgage advisor course, talk to Beacon Financial Training.

Beacon courses are taken in small groups of no more than 12 students, ensuring you get the maximum attention from your tutors. There is plenty of interaction between students and this helps the learning process.

If you are unable to attend classes because you are too far away or have family commitments, you can take a home study course. Provided you are self-motivated and keen to learn, this is a great way to obtain your CeMap qualification.

If you have the personal skills and the aptitude to become a mortgage advisor, the CeMap course is the first step towards an exciting new career in the mortgage industry.


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