How to incorporate study with full-time employment

Juggling work and study has always been a complex task, but trying to balance a full-time job, social life, family and also study is demanding to say the least. However, by being disciplined and incorporating some of the following tips, it is possible to both study on a training course and work.

Remember why you’re doing it

When you find yourself feeling exhausted, or wondering why you decided to study while also working, just remind yourself of the resulting achievement. There are many reasons for juggling study and work, possibly to gain a professional qualification, like the CeMAP, and manage to secure a fulfilling career as a result.

Use holidays wisely

You will be entitled to annual leave from your employment, and although you may need a few days’ break, you can utilise a few days to dedicate entirely to study. Getting ahead with your study programme will help you to cope with a hectic schedule when you return to work.

Make use of travel time

Use your commute time to catch up on reading. An audio version of your study will mean you can listen while driving, or take some reading with you on the train or bus. This could mean an extra hour of study each day.

All in the planning

Plan study meticulously so that you don’t fall behind. If you know that you have three hours of reading to do, break it down into manageable chunks and plan a timetable so you can spread it out. The helps you maximise your study time and fit your employment around it.



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