How to increase the value of your home

There are many ways to increase the value and the kerb appeal of your home, with very little cash outlay.

If you have some spare money, you could decorate throughout the house, replace a dated kitchen with an up-to-date version, or add features which may appeal to a buyer. However, more often than not, if you are considering selling your home, you will want to choose low cost ways to boost your home’s selling appeal.

First impressions count, so make sure that the front garden and the front door are clean and well maintained, which will demonstrate that you have cared for your home. Maintaining the outside area of your home can add value to a property, and show that the house has been well looked after.

Keep your home spotlessly clean, as grime will put potential buyers off. Get rid of any clutter and just keep a couple of ornaments or pictures out to create a homely feel. A well-placed vase of flowers or some candles work well in most rooms. If you have any mould on bathroom tiles, make sure that you clean it off, as this is one of the areas which can repel buyers.

Although you may not want to replace carpets and flooring before you sell your home, hire a professional cleaner so that your carpets are clean and fresh. Sort out any poorly fitted flooring too, as this can create a negative impact on viewers.

Taking action now may mean that you achieve a better price for your home. A CeMAP qualified mortgage adviser will be able to offer advice on a mortgage deal for your next home, especially if you have a larger deposit.



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