Just Mortgages opts for experience with new Midlands area director

Just Mortgages has announced the hiring of a new area director who will be responsible for the Midlands region of England, with Stephen Swyny being the man who will take up this role.

He will bring more than three decades of experience in the mortgage industry to his new role. Swyny will be responsible both for bringing further mortgage advisors on to the Just Mortgages roster, and for helping the current advisor staff to enhance their skills and their careers.

Furthermore, he has also been charged with supporting advisors within the Midlands area that work on a self-employed basis to recruit the right colleagues, find opportunities to grow their businesses and improve their business planning.

During the 35 years that he has spent working in the sector, Swyny has been employed by numerous finance and mortgage companies in top jobs. These include developing the network of advisors at First 4 Bridging, where he had brought 87 advisors in at the end of his first year at the firm. Another role was as development and training chief for The Buy to Let Business.

Speaking to Mortgage Strategy he said that he was happy to be at Just Mortgages for the start of an exciting period, adding:

“The role provides a fantastic opportunity to use my expertise in not only finding new talent but helping existing self-employed brokers develop and reach their potential.”

Those who have taken CeMAP courses to become advisors need this kind of experienced, first class support to thrive professionally.


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