Are you a suitable candidate for a CeMAP course?

You might already be working and seeking a new path, or considering the first career of your professional life, but either way, becoming a mortgage advisor can be an option well worth considering. A challenging but rewarding role, providing mortgage advice offers plenty of scope for personal and professional growth and the opportunity to make substantial amounts of money while helping others realise plans and achieve their dreams. However, to practice as one of Britain’s brokers you must first have appropriate certification.

Here in the UK, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) states that to act as a mortgage advisor, brokers must become qualified in their field. The Certificate of Mortgage and Practice or CeMAP for short, was created by the London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF) to fulfil this requirement. Approximately 80% of UK advisors possess this qualification, making it the most popular and recognised firm of certification for licensed brokers.

If you’re curious to know whether you might be a suitable candidate for undertaking a CeMAP course, read on to find out more.

Are you suited to working as a mortgage advisor?

Before considering whether you are a potential candidate for CeMAP studies, it is first wise to work out if the role you will train for is a match for the type of person you are. A CeMAP training course can take at least three months to complete, making it a significant investment in terms of time, so it is worth being sure that the role is right for you.

The field of mortgage advice is competitive, and brokers must often meet targets and objectives to succeed in their career. However, if you enjoy a challenge and the opportunity to constantly beat your best results, an advisor role may be ideal.

While a CeMAP study course is designed to provide candidates with an up-to-date understanding of the role of mortgage advisors in the financial sector, once qualified, brokers must ensure their knowledge remains current. If the idea of continuously researching and staying informed on the latest laws regarding mortgage advice and the most recent products available for your clients interests you, being a broker might be a match.

Mortgage advisors must also be good communicators and be able to express often complex financial products in simple and easy-to-understand language to their clients. Practicing mortgage advice is a people-orientated role which sees them interact not only with those they advise, but also lenders, surveyors, bank and building society managers and insurance company representatives, among many others. Working as broker will suit you if you are a person who enjoys meeting new people and communicating.

Are you too old or too young to obtain a CeMAP Mortgage Advisor Qualification?

While there is no cap on how old a person can be to enrol in a CeMAP course, candidates must be at least 17 years of age to start their training and sit examinations.

Do you need a financial background for CeMAP training?

To participate in CeMAP training, a course candidate will not require any previous knowledge or experience in the world of finance. CeMAP training courses are comprehensive ensuring that all who attend classes or study online learn all the information they require to complete the exams at the end of each of the three modules. Providing you possess a good level of English language skill you can study to obtain your CeMAP.

Are you willing and able to study?

While those already employed in the financial services sector are often given time off to study, fitting CeMAP learning around existing commitments isn’t always simple. You might already perform a professional role and be seeking to change your career or care for an elderly parent or young child. The good news is that as well as classroom courses where CeMAP studies are taught, you can also train from home with an online study course or webinar.

Providing that you are willing to study hard and are committed to completing your training and getting qualified, you are a suitable candidate for CeMAP training.

First class CeMAP courses at your fingertips

At Beacon Financial Training, we are proud of the high-quality of our CeMAP study courses. All our training courses are taught by professional tutors with in-depth knowledge of their subject. The remote learning options we offer like live webinar and virtual courses offer the same superior study resources and support from expert instructors that our classroom options provide.

We stand by the level of education that we offer and our success rate of student who pass. As a result, if candidates are not satisfied with the result they receive in their final exams, we allow them to retake them at no extra charge.

To enrol in a CeMAP training course, get in touch with our dedicated team at Beacon Financial Training today.


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