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When somebody decides that they want to take a CeMAP course, unless they already work in a related role and the employer is willing to give a person time off work to take the course, many do not want to take time off work for a full time CeMAP course.

Most people recognise the advantages that a full time CeMAP course will give them; namely, dedicated time to study, faster absorption of material and a quicker understanding with a dedicated tutor able to answer questions there and then and explain things easily. Yet with long working hours and outside commitments, it is understandable that many people value their holidays from work highly and want to keep them for quality time to themselves or to spend relaxing with friends and family.

However, there are very few part time CeMAP courses about – and if we all understand this scenario, why are there not more part time CeMAP courses?

The main reason is not a lack of interest in part time CeMAP courses, but a lack of bookings. Running a part time CeMAP course is difficult for several reasons. A course run in the mornings may not suit everybody, as with an afternoon course. Choosing several days per week often means one day might not suit somebody else. Even an evening or weekend course will not suit everybody. Add to that the relatively low numbers of those looking for that part time course within a reasonable travelling distance and it is easy to see why trials have not been successful with many CeMAP training providers.

The good news however, is that for those who cannot take a full time course, there are still alternatives. A home study CeMAP course means you can study when you want and where you want at a time to suit you. The only things you need to do is ensure the training provider offers support with the course when needed and be certain you have the dedication to ensure you will spend the time on the materials that is needed.



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