How to maximise the benefits of CeMAP courses

The CeMAP qualification is mandatory for anyone who wants to work in the financial sector as a qualified mortgage adviser. Although the standards for the professional qualification have been set by the Financial Conduct Authority, you will also gain a high level of knowledge from CeMAP courses, providing a valuable background to a career. CeMAP training has many benefits, in addition to gaining a professional qualification. You will have access to experienced tutors who have spent many years in the industry, willing to pass on their knowledge. There are some actions you can take to ensure that you maximise the benefits of your CeMAP training.

The learning process

Decide which type of study is most suitable for your circumstances, so that you can get the most out of each training session. If you have responsibilities elsewhere, like employment or as a carer, you may want to embark on an online CeMAP training course, so that you can study at a time which suits you. You may decide that you prefer having a face to face tutor so that you can discuss queries as they arise. If you are an early riser and enjoy working first thing, or you prefer to burn the midnight oil, you may benefit from online study.

Staying healthy

From the moment you embark on CeMAP courses, take steps to ensure you remain healthy, ensuring that you are at your peak throughout training. No matter how much work you have, get plenty of sleep and try to create a regular schedule, so that you don’t become drained of energy. Create a timetable of study, but also include regular meal breaks and early nights, so you remain energised. Although you may feel like preparing fast food while you are training, try to prepare meals using fresh ingredients, which can be just as convenient as ready meals if you prepare several in advance and then freeze.

If you become over tired, stressed or feel lethargic, take an hour out of your schedule to have a nap, which will boost energy levels and leave you able to study. You should also study at the time of day when you are at your most energetic, so that you get more out of your studying.


Whether you study online or in a classroom, maximise the knowledge and experience provided by the tutors, by asking plenty of questions. Invest in your future career by spending as much time as possible studying before your exams.



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