Minimising the stress of moving house

Moving into a new home is potentially one of the most stressful things you will do. It involves planning beforehand, contacting everyone who needs to know your new address, managing the financial aspect and much more.

Although you will notify all the people, companies and organisations which need to know your new address, you may still have mailed delivered to your old address for a while. Having your mail re-directed by Royal Mail will help to ensure that your mail isn’t delivered to the wrong person.

Sort out insurance for your new home ahead of the move date, to ensure that you are covered for any incidents which may occur. Contact insurers ahead of time so that you know that you will be covered. Your car may be the last thing on your mind, but you have to notify the insurance company. You should also update your driving licence with the correct details and the ownership certificate.

Inform your utility supplier before the move takes place, so that you can take final meter readings and only pay for the gas and electric which you have used. Take a reading at your new property too, so that you aren’t paying for the previous owner’s consumption.

Make sure that your TV licensing company has your new address, so that you are covered as soon as you move in to your home. Digital TV, broadband and landline providers also need to know that you have moved.

Once you have a mortgage in place, with the assistance of a CeMAP qualified mortgage adviser, you can concentrate on all the other details which make moving home a little easier.


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