Mortgage advisor email service launched by Origo

A new service that offers mortgage advisors, borrowers and lenders secure email messaging has been launched by the financial technology company, Origo.

The company has named this solution Unipass Mailock and it is set to be made accessible to more than 45,000 mortgage advisors throughout the UK, via a system called Unipass Identity. The purpose of it is to enable those working within the mortgage sector to safeguard sensitive client information and internal communications. The solution employs a combination of authentication based on identity and military-level encryption to achieve this.

Those advisors who are signed up to the service will be able to use either a mobile device or desktop computer to send and receive emails, with the guarantee that only the person intended to see these messages will be able to open and view them.

Furthermore, the solution will also assist mortgage advisors in complying with various industry regulations by allowing them to confirm when each message has been opened by a client who has had his or her identity authenticated.

Speaking to Financial Reporter, Origo managing director, Anthony Rafferty, said:

“Cybercrime is increasingly a threat to businesses and their clients with criminals actively using technology to target unsecured emails and access sensitive and valuable information.”

He went on to add that 8 out of 10 financial advisors were already signed up to it. This could be a useful security tool for mortgage brokers and could become almost as essential to their success as doing a CeMAP mortgage advisor course.


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