New BDM brought in by Skipton Building Society

Skipton Building Society (BS) has announced the recruitment of a new Business Development Manager (BDM) to provide further support to its team of mortgage advisors.

Emma Wilkinson has been appointed to the role of Telephone BDM at the lender, and she will be joining its South West business development team. Prior to taking up this position, she worked within the direct mortgage department at Skipton BS and has been promoted to her new role via its growth programme.

The mortgage lender has confirmed that it is currently looking to hire new field BDMs for both London and the various regions in the north of England as well.

In addition to adding to its business development staff, Skipton BS has given another existing member of staff, Amanda Mandziuk, a promotion to the position of Criteria Systems Specialist. She will be in charge of maintenance and adjustment of mortgage criteria and will work alongside its outside partner firms.

Speaking to Financial Reporter, the Head of Business Development at Skipton BS, Paul Fenn, stated that:

“At Skipton we’re in growth mode right now. We’re increasing our BDM team and continuing with our aspiration to become a top 10 lender.”

Fenn then went on to say that the company had put a great deal of money into improving its digital capabilities during the past few years, investing in digital income verification and automated identification.

Having enough internal support is vital for advisors with the CeMAP qualification who work for building societies to be able to serve their clients efficiently.


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