New lending record reported by Stonebridge

Stonebridge Group is reporting that its total lending figure for the whole of 2022 was £12.6 billion, which is the highest total that the company has reported for a single year since its launch.

This insurance and mortgage network witnessed growth of 19% in its mortgage lending volumes for 2022, in comparison with the year before. When looked at on a month-to-month basis, 10 months of the year saw rises in the volume of lending provided by Stonebridge. It all goes to mark a very successful year for the company by any possible metric.

This is something that was emphasised by the Chief Executive, Rob Clifford, when he spoke at its recent annual conference. However, he went on to say that the company was expecting the current year to present some challenges when it comes to maintaining that growth trajectory.

According to FT Adviser, he balanced talk of those challenges by pointing out that there are:

“A range of opportunities to take advantage of, particularly in both the remortgage and product transfer space, and specifically in terms of ensuring clients have the protection cover they need in what remains a difficult economy.”

The network is stating publicly that its plans for the upcoming year are still very focused on further expansion, including adding more mortgage advisors and appointed representative companies.

Product transfers and remortgages are areas that advisors with CeMAP training are already looking to for business this year, and many will be attracted to a network that is also focusing on them.


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