New tech integration announced by Air Sourcing

Air Sourcing has announced that it has integrated the Just Advisor Portal into its platform, with the intention of simplifying the process of completing mortgage applications for advisors.

This makes it the first partner firm to incorporate the JUST API link into its platform. Doing so will enable mortgage advisors to deal with all aspects of applications for the ‘Just for You’ lifetime loans offered by Just Advisor using this portal.

Any information about their clients that is captured during the search for the right lender and product, as well as the Key Facts Illustration (KFI) process, will transfer automatically when an advisor clicks through the portal. This will remove the requirement to enter this data multiple times, in addition to making submitting applications by post or email more secure.

Just Advisor developed this API link with the aim of making mortgage applications simpler and less time consuming for advisors. It also helps to cut the waiting time for them and their clients by up to 48 hours. Advisors who are part of the Air Sourcing network will need their accounts to be connected to a portal account before they can use it.

Speaking to Financial Reporter, AIR Group CEO Stuart Wilson said:

“This update is part of our ongoing commitment to developing a new digital journey for lifetime mortgages that enables advisors to work the way they want.”

With more and more advisors using an online CeMAP training company to get qualified, there is a demand for tech that makes their working lives easier.


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