Other qualifications that complement a CeMAP well

As with any career path, employers hiring for a mortgage advisor position will, depending on the level of the role, assess applicants on the strength of their experience as much as the qualifications they hold.

However, before you bag yourself an interview, you have only the merits of your CV to recommend you; at this particular stage, it’s worth remembering that qualifications are by nature quantifiable, in that they allow employers to sort the wheat from the chaff and make quick comparisons.

To make sure that you are a worthy candidate for any job that you apply for in the mortgage arena, here are some qualifications that you could consider studying towards, complementing your CeMAP and bolstering your CV:

Chartered Insurance Institute courses

Depending on the area of the financial sector you want to tackle, the Chartered Insurance Institute, or CII, might have a relevant diploma, certificate, MSc or award.

Among the qualifications offered by the organisation are an MSc in Wealth Management, a Certificate in Investment Operations, an Award in Financial Administration, and a Diploma in Financial Planning.

University degree

A degree doesn’t have to be closely aligned with the jobs you are interested in for it to lend considerable weight to your CV. A good grade like a 2:1 or a First from a reputable university will stand you in good stead, whether it’s in economics, business management and accountancy, or even general finance combined with a language.

Holding a bachelor’s degree or master’s tells employers that you have the enthusiasm to study and set your mind to learning new topics, as well as the drive to succeed in an otherwise challenging environment.

Further, a CeMAP training course doesn’t require learners to hold any other academic achievements, so by studying towards a degree, you might be able to set yourself aside from others applying for the same role; a point worth considering, especially if you don’t have much relevant experience.

A downside to opting for a degree is that university courses are both expensive and lengthy.


Like the Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice, the DipMAP (or Diploma in Mortgage Advice and Practice) is the next and perhaps most logical step up for newly qualified CeMAP holders looking to boost the strength of their job applications, as well as broaden their knowledge of the industry.

Following the rules of the Ofqual-regulated Qualifications and Credit Framework, the DipMap is a Level 4 qualification (with the CeMAP course being Level 3), which would demonstrate to potential employers that you hold a deepened grasp of the financial services environment, allowing you to offer clients top-quality, ethical advice.

The DipMAP can take around nine months to complete and offers learning modules based around case studies and multiple-choice tests, with results typically offered immediately after exams are taken.

While the CeMAP is the cornerstone qualification for anyone considering a career offering mortgage advice, there are various ways that you can enhance your strength as a job applicant. For those who are unsure of the route to take, it always helps to check the requirements of the roles that interest you the most, to see what kinds of qualifications they are calling for.



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