Post Office gives hand to those with a small deposit

With the increased focus on responsible lending, many lenders only offer the best rates to those with a large deposit. The Post Office has stepped in to fill this gap, reaching out to those with only a five percent deposit with its Help to Buy option.

With house prices slowly increasing, the amount of deposit required is the biggest challenge that most first-time buyers face. The Post Office is now leading the way with a two-year fixed rate at 3.98 percent, which is the lowest ever rate for those with a loan-to-value of 95 percent.

Recent weeks have seen the competition hot up, with record rates being released one after the other as lenders each compete for a bigger share of the market. Up until now, most offers have been aimed at those with a deposit of at least 40 percent, so the new deal by Post Office Money should attract the attention of those with a smaller deposit.

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