Preparing your home for winter

The cold weather during the winter can cause damage to your home, which may result in costly repairs. Taking a few steps now could prevent damage and expense during the winter.

You may want to check that your insurance cover is up to date, including building and contents cover, and also home emergency. There are different levels of cover for home emergency, but it is possible to obtain cover for all emergencies in the home, including your boiler. Any burst water pipes in the home can cause significant levels of damage, but your insurance policy may include temporary accommodation while it is being fixed.

This may also be the best time to make sure that you have the cheapest possible mortgage, especially if you are on the lender’s Standard Variable Rate. Speak to a CeMAP qualified mortgage advisor who can provide advice.

Before the weather turns really cold, make sure you draughtproof your home, including insulation for the loft. Preventing draughts entering your home, and stopping the heat from leaving through the roof, could save you money on energy bills. Insulate all the pipes in and around your home to reduce the risk of burst pipes. Make sure you know where the stopcock is located so that if you do have a burst pipe, you can turn off the water.

Check your property for any loose roof tiles, broken guttering and anything else that needs repairing before winter, as this could prevent damage during a storm.

Taking some action before the cold weather sets in may prevent damage to your home.



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