Quotes and CRM system improved by LifeQuote

The Life Insurance firm LifeQuote has announced that it has made a number of enhancements to its system for customer relationship management (CRM) and securing quotes.

Changes that it has made to the quotes system are intended to enable it to provide advisors with suitable quotes more quickly efficiently and consistently. It is felt that, in turn, this will enable advisors to secure the necessary protection for their clients more easily and speedily than they have been able to do up to now.

All of the improvements that LifeQuote has made to this system will be applicable to its Sell Online platform too. Advisors will be provided with a sales process that allows them to get quotes, make comparisons between them and complete protection applications using the insurance quoting system of an intermediary through their own business websites.

LifeQuote has also developed an entirely fresh CRM system that offers better data integration. The new system will cut back on the amount of valuable time that advisors have to spend on mundane tasks during the underwriting process. This system is also automated to allow them to get regular updates about ongoing applications for protection.

Iain Clark from LifeQuote told Financial Reporter that:

“This is an exciting period of transformation and growth at LifeQuote, cementing our commitment to helping advisors reduce the time, hassle and risk of selling protection.”

Protection is often an important area for advisors to focus on after they complete CeMAP training courses, so anything that lets them achieve it more easily will be welcome.


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