Record rates to stay for longer, say economists

The Bank of England base rate has sat at a record low for years, and whilst there has been much speculation and whisperings as to when it may start to rise, economists have said they feel this is unlikely to happen for the next two years.

The experts believe that low oil prices will keep inflation down over the course of 2015, which will boost the spending power of the people, meaning that the monetary policy committee will have the freedom and power to delay a rate increase.

Mortgage lenders are already competing in a price war between each other, as they each try and maximise their market share, with many available products under two per cent. As home buyers take advantage of these rates, inflation will continue to be controlled.

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With the rates looking to stay at the current all-time low for a while, home movers will feel more confident in taking a step to their next property with the given security that rates look to remain lower for the next year or so.

A top economic advisor called Professor Peter Spencer said:

“Not every economy will be a winner from oil prices collapsing, but the UK certainly is.”



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