Remote working tips for mortgage companies

People within the mortgage sector, as with the rest of the country, will currently be adjusting to home working. This may seem strange for those used to visiting an office, but below are some tips for making the change a bit easier.

Select the right tech

Technology makes the situation more manageable and the good thing is that much mortgage work can be done remotely with the right tech. For example, as long as a mortgage advisor has the necessary CeMAP training, there is no reason why video conferencing cannot replace face-to-face meetings with clients and lenders during this period. Skype and Zoom are good options, as these platforms are widely used, so most should have access to them.

Maintain contact

It is important for everyone within the company to be in regular contact. This is for work reasons, as staying closely in touch will make it easier to collaborate effectively while you are unable to be in the same physical location.

However, some people will struggle more than others with the isolation of working remotely and using the available technology to check in with them frequently is a good way of keeping morale up during a difficult period.

Accept problems

However well prepared you are, there are still likely to be teething troubles as you get used to this method of working and both you and outside parties like customers will need to show patience during the early stages.

This is a challenging situation, but following these tips should help you get through it.


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