Right Mortgage virtual event attracts large numbers

The Right Mortgage and Protection Network has revealed that a total of 545 mortgage advisors opted to participate in the online training event it held last month.

This is an annual event and it normally takes place in the National Conference Centre, but the pandemic led The Right Mortgage to opt to host it virtually this year. An advantage of this was that it made it easier for advisors located across the country to take part in the conference, which was called “Broker Vision: Navigating Business Through Changing Times”, and this was reflected in the high attendance numbers.

The event included a number of panel discussions about various different kinds of mortgage products, with advisors given the opportunity to ask questions to those on the panels. There was also an online exhibition centre, in which an awards ceremony took place and advisors could watch information guides and videos.

Speaking to Mortgage Introducer, The Right Mortgage’s Chief Executive, Martin Wilson, said:

“We’re so pleased at the turnout to our first virtual national training event, and the ability of our team to put together an event of such a large scale online.”

Wilson added that both lender partners and advisors who are network members had given positive feedback about the event and the advice for handling the challenges of the future that it had provided.

The success of this event shows that there are real benefits to online training, such as easier accessibility, which is one reason why more CeMAP courses are now being offered virtually.


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