Spread the cost of CeMAP courses

When you make a large purchase, particularly when times are a little tough, it helps if you can spread the cost over a period of time. In an ideal world, it would help if the cost could be spread on an interest free basis too.

To train as a mortgage advisor, you need the CeMAP qualification and unless you are lucky enough to already be in employment where your employer is willing – and has the cash ready and waiting – to pay for you to go through your training, the cost can be prohibitive.

Thanks to the current economic climate, many people have been made redundant and are looking to re-train into a new career. Working as a mortgage advisor is attractive for several reasons. It is generally recession-proof – people will always need a roof over their heads and even if they aren’t buying and selling houses, when their mortgage deal comes to an end they will need to remortgage to get the best available deal for their circumstances. Being a mortgage advisor also means you can work favourable hours for you. Many work on a self-employed basis, but many more work in banks, building societies, estate agents or for a mortgage broker, so you could have the choice of full-time employed, part-time employed, self-employed hours to suit or any number of working patterns. On top of this, the money’s pretty good too.

At Beacon Financial Training, we are currently offering the opportunity to spread the cost of our CeMAP training courses (and our CeFA courses too for those looking to train as a financial advisor) over a period of 12 months on an interest-free basis – all you have to pay now is a deposit and you could be on our next full-time course or following our home study distance learning course in no time at all.



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