Study reveals average UK house move distance

According to new research, the average distance for a house move in the UK is 26 miles, which is the equivalent of a marathon.

The study, which was conducted by Royal Mail, looked at over a million redirection applications for post within the UK, during the year to September 2016. This found that 26 miles is the average distance which an individual will travel when moving to a new home. The most adventurous home movers appear to be in Scotland, as they will typically move 55 miles to a new property, while home owners in the north west prefer to stay a little closer to home, travelling an average of 19 miles.

However, not all relocations are far away from the current home, with London’s shortest move being just 0.03 miles, which would take 4.2 seconds for 100m World Record holder Usain Bolt to cover. The longest house move in the study involved relocating from the Shetland Isles in Scotland, and travelling 728 miles.

For some people, moving home can feel as though they have run a marathon, and they would perhaps do some things differently next time. It is advisable to seek professional advice right from the start, with the mortgage details. A mortgage adviser has taken a CeMAP course which qualifies them in various aspects of the property market.

A professional removal company will also make moving home easier, and more organised, so that you can concentrate on sorting the furniture and other items at the final location.



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