How to secure a fast sale for your property

A recent study revealed that the optimum number of days for selling your home at its best price is 12 days. If you sell before or after this point, you may not achieve the maximum price. To make sure you hit the target, take some action prior to placing your home on the market, to maximise its potential.

Rather than concentrate on larger projects, look at the smaller tasks which need to be done. Ensuring your home is free of clutter will help to make the home appear more spacious, while dealing with cracks in the walls or tired paint work will create a cared for feel.

Once you think that your home is ready for buyers to look around, ask someone else to take a look. When you live in a property, you will become used to piles of clothes or magazines lying around. An outsider will notice these things immediately, and it could put buyers off making an offer.

To achieve the best price for your home, it needs to be placed on the market for a realistic figure. Some estate agents may quote a much larger figure for your home, but is it likely to sell at that price? Place your home on the market for a realistic figure so that it sells. Doing plenty of research before putting the house on the market will help you to decide the best figure.

A CeMAP qualified mortgage adviser can help you to decide a selling price, which will provide a realistic deposit for your next home.



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