Take the time to reduce household bills before winter

As summer is underway and people are enjoying the welcome days of warm weather, it is easy to forget about the cold dark nights of winter. However, taking action now can help to save around £1,000 on household bills by winter.

Start with the most expensive bills initially, to make sure that you have the very best deals available, which can save large sums of money over the year. Probably the largest expense for householders will be the mortgage. You may not be able to switch if you are in an existing deal, as you may be charged penalties. However, a CeMAP qualified mortgage advisor will be able to help you calculate whether it is cost effective to swap to a cheaper deal now. If you are paying the lender’s Standard Variable Rate, you will almost certainly benefit from swapping to a cheap fixed rate deal.

Energy bills are another big expense for most people, but swapping to a cheaper deal could save hundreds of pounds during the year. Again, if you are tied into a deal currently, you may be charged penalties if you swap early, so check the costs with the provider.

Payments for the home telephone and broadband connection are often ignored by householders as they are essential for many. However, costs vary greatly and there are plenty of good deals to be found. Home insurance is another essential cost, but prices for cover vary greatly. Ensure that the provider is offering the cover you need before swapping to a cheaper deal.



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