Tenet and L&G announce new link-up

A new link-up between Tenet Compliance Services and Legal & General Mortgage Club (L&G) has been confirmed, which will see the Directly Authorised advisors for the former given greater support.

Those mortgage advisors who work with Tenet will enjoy a range of benefits from this new partnership. These include access to the mortgage support services and dedicated relationship management departments at L&G, providing them with improved day-to-day backing. They will also now be able to utilise the Smartr365 applications platform free of charge. This is designed to reduce the amount of admin involved in the process to save time for advisors.

It is not only advisors who will find their experience enhanced as a result of this link-up though. Customers will also benefit, as they will be able to use the no-cost solutions offered by L&G to find relevant products and affordability, criteria and other lender information.

Legal & General Propositions and Broker Head Clare Beardmore told Financial Reporter that:

“At Legal & General, we are committed to supporting the advice community, and equipping them with the tools needed to support a wide range of clients, including those with complex income scenarios.”

Beardmore then went on to say that linking up in this way with Tenet would ensure an easier and smoother everyday process for client companies of Tenet and a better experience for the general public.

One reason why so many people choose to follow their CeMAP training courses by joining networks such as Tenet is because of the greater day-to-day support on offer.


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