How to overcome your fear of studying in 2023

The start of a new year is an ideal time to set foot on a brand-new career path. However, changing lanes to a different profession requires studying and training for a qualification.

A classic example of this is becoming a professional mortgage advisor. Here in Britain, brokers-to-be need to pass a course recognised by the Financial Conduct Authority, like the Certificate of Mortgage and Practice. Known commonly as CeMAP, this course provides candidates with the knowledge, skills and formal qualification necessary to launch their career.

While some people enjoy learning experiences and attaining credentials, the thought of such activity makes others apprehensive, and in extreme cases leads to anxiety and stress. People worry about the time and money required for a course and if it will be wasted, or what others will think of them should they fail in their attempts. These concerns and others can build up to a genuine fear of studying.

While most people experience anxiety or stress in life, it typically eases when pressure is removed. However, if these feelings do not go, they can stop us from achieving our personal and career-oriented goals.

In this blog, we’ll explore how fear impacts learning, while also offering some useful tips that can help overcome such an obstacle when studying.

How does fear impact learning and studying?

Whether it’s exam stress, concerns about working to deadlines or a nervous response to speaking aloud in a classroom, fear in an educational scenario is common. It can result in a diverse range of symptoms and manifest in physical ways – blushing, trembling and sweating are all typical fear responses, as are increased heart rate and shortness of breath, which can cause light-headedness and even nausea.

If stress factors persist, it can lead candidates to develop a fear of studying and learning. As a result, this aversion may mean they must drop out of their course and forego any plans of a new career.

Mental process can also be impacted, with those experiencing fear finding it difficult to make decisions or focus. Modern research has proved that both the neurotransmitters and hormones released by stress can negatively affect memory formation.

Fear can make retrieving key data more difficult when required, and can cause our brains to switch from learning cognitively to picking up information parrot-fashion, where it is not truly understood. Such issues can lead many students to underperform when they need to sit their final exams, even if they are multiple choice like those that conclude a CeMAP course.

Ways to overcome the fear of studying and learning

People who experience legitimate fear of studying may require advice and assistance to overcome their fears from a mental healthcare professional. However, there are many self-help measures that can help alleviate fears and assist students in becoming open to learning skills and subjects that are unfamiliar to them.

Identifying the root of a fear is the first step to overcoming it. Ask yourself what you are most afraid of. Is it that the course might be too difficult for you to master, or are you worried about what your family or friends will say if you fail? Look back at your past and consider whether previous experiences in the past come to mind that have made you scared of studying.

Once you understand your key concerns, you can act. Accept first that your fear will not subside on its own and that if you want to achieve your goal, you will need to make moves to ease it. Try breaking down all tasks involved between you and your end goal into small manageable steps.

Dividing your studying like this can make the undertaking seem less overwhelming but it when milestones are easier to achieve, it can also build your personal confidence. This approach can be especially helpful if you struggle with feelings of self-doubt about your abilities.

Being organised can also help workloads and study schedules seem less insurmountable, thereby lessening fear. Make sure you are properly prepared and always allocate yourself a little more time than you think you will need, so you are never put under unnecessary pressure.

Finally, understand that you are not the first person to experience this fear and are not alone. You can start overcoming your fear of studying your new subject by studying overcoming fear. Read accounts written by others with a fear of studying and see the coping mechanisms they discovered that worked for them. Also, explore articles by psychologists posting advice on stress, and anxiety and case studies on study fears.

CeMAP courses for every candidate

At Beacon Financial Training, we offer CeMAP courses to suit a wide range of needs. All our courses and classes benefit from supportive tutors with professional teaching experience. If you suffer from social anxiety, we also provide a selection of home study courses. Get in touch now to explore our available options.


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