The night before the CeMAP exam: top preparation tips

The groundwork is done, you’ve completed your training, showing dedication and determination, and now the time is almost upon you; it is the night before the exam that will determine your career progression towards your goal of becoming a mortgage advisor.

However, there are still some steps that can be taken to help you prepare:


Firstly, plan your revision, allowing enough time to absorb the information and to enhance your knowledge of the mortgage market, it’s background, and associated products.

To familiarise yourself with the question format, it is helpful to practise with some previous test papers. This is great for establishing the time that should be allocated to each specific section. It also helps to put your mind into an exam mindset.

Practice answering the questions with friends and family. Tackling solutions out loud can help to reinforce your learning, as well as straighten the information in your mind, while importantly highlighting areas to revisit.

Know when to rest

When studying the night before an exam is due to take place, it is still important to allow yourself regular breaks from the books, to help keep your mind focused and attentive. Water consumption is also vital to keep your brain running at its best ability. Keep your brain and body well hydrated and fuelled with nutritious snacks such as nuts, yoghurt and seeds. It is important to apply this last rule to the morning of the exam too.

Dependent on the time of your exam, make sure that your meal prior to it is nutritionally filling, with slow-releasing ingredients to provide you with a steady flow of energy, such as porridge. It is best to avoid sugar-based snacks, as this will cause your energy levels to spike and then crash during the exam, making it harder to maintain the focus.

Know the details

It is also important to take the time to prepare for the big day itself. Check the exam guidelines and ensure that you have everything you need to take with you. Check the location of the exam venue, and the route that you will take to get there. It is important to plan sufficient time in case of traffic, so that you arrive calmly with time to spare, as opposed to stressed and hot after running the last bit.

Finally, if you have embraced the above, and feel that you have sufficiently planned your journey and maximised your study time, get an early night. Relax yourself with a long, hot bubble bath, listen to some of your favourite music, read part of your current book, and then settle down for a good night’s sleep. This final step will help you to wake feeling refreshed, vibrant and ready to tackle the exam in a methodical way.

In the exam itself, reading all of the questions a couple of times to ensure that you are comfortable with what they are asking is best. Also, if you have the time, revisit your answers at the end to make sure that nothing has been missed. The combination of all of these steps will lead to a confident, knowledgeable, positive individual who is ready to undertake and pass their CeMAP exam.



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