Tips for taking the CeMAP / CeFA / CeRER exams

For those who have been researching and considering taking CeMAP, CeFA or CeRER courses, there is a wealth of courses out there and most reputable providers will give plenty of information on their courses and should answer any questions you might have, but there’s not as much information about the actual exams, perhaps because course providers don’t make money from that!

In a future article, we’ll cover exactly what happens in the exams, but for now here are a few tips for when it comes to your big day and time to take the CeMAP / CeRER / CeFA exam that stands between you and future work in the finance or mortgage industry:

  1. Arrive in plenty of time – this sounds obvious, but there are time slots pre-booked and you don’t want to miss out
  2. You shouldn’t need to worry about taking paper and pen or a calculator, as all this is provided for you
  3. Do take your prep notes for last minute reading and revision before you go in as most test centres have a waiting room where you can sit, take a few deep breaths and read your notes
  4. Beforehand, you might want to decide on your strategy.  If you’ve taken a CeRER / CeMAP / CeFA courses with real practice questions and advice, you should already know what works for you but otherwise decide how you plan to apportion your time.  Don’t waste too long on a question you aren’t sure of, you can come back to it later
  5. When you get into the exam room, try not to make noise as it will disturb other people.  Be sure to take in tissues or anything you might need during the exam
  6. When starting the exam, some people find it helpful to take off their wrist watch and place it on the table so they can keep an eye on the time

Good luck!



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