Tips to make studying for your CeMAP exam easier

Studying for exams has never been easy, but it is crucial to ensure you achieve the best possible results. Whether you are studying for general exams, or those which are essential for your career, there are some ways you can make life a little easier during revision time:

Prepare for your exam

Start your revision as soon as possible, rather than leaving it until the very last minute. Your brain prefers it this way, and by organising your time into small chunks, you will discover that studying is a little easier.

Buy a planner so that you can organise your time up to the date of the exam, but don’t forget to include time for some relaxation so that your study time is more effective. Schedule study for those times during the day when you are most alert. If you’re a morning person, schedule a couple of hours first thing rather than trying to study at night.

Remove distractions

Consider the various diversions in your life, like your mobile phone, friends, social media and the internet in general, and take action to make sure they won’t affect your study. If you are looking for information on the internet, don’t let yourself be distracted by your emails or the news items displayed on your screen. Let everyone know that you will be studying at specified times and you are not to be disturbed. You can’t remove distractions entirely, but you can learn how to ignore them.

Style of learning

Study in a way you find most appealing. All people deal with study in different ways, and certain ways of studying will suit some people more than others. If you prefer studying in the classroom with others, see if you can form a study group so you can work together.

Producing a short quiz based on the course material is an effective group study method. Take it in turns to produce a set of questions for each session and see who can answer the most correctly. The very process of creating the question and answer sheet will help you to memorise the information, and the questions will make sure that you have studied the entire course thoroughly. Others may prefer to work alone, which is fine as long as you are able to remain focused.

Studying is easier when you have planned your time, get plenty of sleep and eat healthily so that you have optimum energy during revision, with minimal stress.



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