Training in the recession: CeRER training

The CeRER qualification is one that can only be taken if you already have your CeMAP qualification although you don’t have to be a practicing mortgage advisor.

When you get your CeMAP qualification, you are qualified as a trainee mortgage advisor although you still have to undergo your Competent Advisor Status (CAS) to be fully qualified.  However, you are not able to advise on equity release mortgages and products; these are deemed a specialist product and the people who normally take this sort of mortgage out are more mature and potentially vulnerable.

CeRER stands for Certificate in Regulated Equity Release and effectively expands the range of products that a mortgage advisor can advise members of the public on to include equity release mortgages.

As the UK has an aging population, this is the sort of product that is still seeing growth even during the recession and is likely to for some time.

So why do CeRER training during the recession?

If you are already working as a mortgage advisor or have your CeMAP and want to get back into mortgages now the housing market is starting to recover, then this is the ideal time to take the CeRER exam whilst you perhaps have a little time to spare.  The CeRER course only takes one day and could really expand the opportunities open to you.



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