What can I do after the CeMAP qualification?

The Certificate of Mortgage and Practice, sometimes referred to as a CeMAP qualification, has been designed to ensure that those embarking on a career as a mortgage advisor are equipped with the knowledge and skills they require. This certification also answers the strict demands of the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which requires that those practicing mortgage advice are sufficiently qualified. Read on to find out what the next steps are for would-be advisors after they complete their training.

Seeking employment after your CeMAP training course

Perhaps the most obvious course of action following the completion of CeMAP training is to begin working as professional mortgage advisor. There are numerous options available for newly qualified candidates. Banks, building societies and specialist companies set up solely to offer advice are all looking out for self-motivated advisors looking to succeed.

Qualified individuals will also have the opportunity to set up a practice of their own and add the letters CeMAP after their name. Many established firms will hire freelance brokers who are certified, helping new advisors gain experience while remaining independent.

While some advisors operate from office, many are able to perform their roles working from home, with the latest forms of technology assisting the process of advising, such as video platforms, chat message systems and email communications.

Advanced training to build your career

Mortgage advisors never stop learning. Financial markets, mortgage laws and available products are constantly changing, and brokers must be proactive, constantly keeping up to date with their evolving industry.

While a CeMAP course can give advisors the strong understanding they need of their chosen profession, and it is respected by both employers and clients, brokers can build on their abilities by earning new qualifications.

Not only does increased certification expand the knowledge of mortgage advisors, but it also allows them to specialise, which can help them improve their earning potential. While the starting salary of an advisor is typically between £22,000 to £25,000, with experience, this can rise to £60,000 in just a few years. Specialist advisors with high levels of expertise can command an annual income of £70,000, along with numerous other incentives and benefits from their employers.

CeMAP mortgage advisor training you can trust

At Beacon Financial Training, it is our continuing privilege to help those seeking a career as a professional mortgage broker to receive the skills and experience they need for this rewarding role. From our comprehensive course materials to our inspiring and expert tutors, every element of our CeMAP study curriculum has been created with care.

We offer learning options to suit individual needs, with the option of studying in a classroom or at home both available. As part of the training we offer, we also help introduce those studying to become advisors with potential employers and offer our support to our students even after they are up and running as professional mortgage brokers.

Get in touch with our expert team today to discuss your options and for further information.


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