What Happens In The CeMAP Exam?

No matter how much CeMAP training you have done, everybody is nervous when it comes to taking the CeMAP exam.  However, it helps if you know what to expect, so here is our quick rundown:

  • All CeMAP exams are taken at Pearson Vue test centres (the same places where everybody takes their driving theory test).  There are more than 150 of these centres, but if you want to take the exam at a specific centre local to you then you may have to wait a bit.  It is worth checking the exam centre regularly as there are often cancellations
  • To book the exam, just go to the ifs website for booking instructions.  You can book via telephone or online.  You just quote your personal ifs number (this is ifs followed by the number that was given to you when you registered for the exam with the ifs)
  • If you have attended a formal CeMAP training course, then we recommend you book the exam within 14 days of completing the course.  This gives you enough time to revise any areas you want to go over but not too long so that you lose momentum and ‘go cold’.  You should keep practicing the sample CeMAP questions

When you get there:

  • You need two forms of ID including one photo ID
  • You are given a calculator, tax tables, a pen and paper for rough working out
  • You are taken to a desktop computer, with a mouse
  • There are usually headphones so you can block out any background noise, such as others coughing
  • You get the chance to practice with the electronic system first

The CeMAP exam itself:

  • You are presented with multiple choice questions and you use the mouse to select the one you think is correct.  If you are unsure, you can mark it by choosing REVIEW and return to it later
  • At the end, you have the chance to view all your answers again before finally submitting it for marking
  • The CeMAP paper is marked immediately and you are presented with a printout showing your marks within minutes of leaving the room

A good CeMAP course should tell you all about the exam procedures during the course, so you know exactly what to expect and have the opportunity to ask any questions you like.



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