What Is The Difference Between CeMAP 2 and CeMAP 3?

You would be forgiven for wondering what the difference is between the CeMAP 2 and CeMAP 3 exams.

As mentioned in an earlier article, the two exams are based upon the same syllabus and this is why you will see most CeMAP courses advertised as a CeMAP 1 course or CeMAP 2 & 3. CeMAP 2 & 3 should always be taught together because the study material is the same.

The difference between the two is the way the study material is assessed. Both exams are two hours long, but that is where the similarities end. Here is our summary of the difference between the two CeMAP exams:

CeMAP 2:

This is a two hour assessment consisting of 100 multiple choice questions. However, multiple choice does not necessarily mean easy. There is a knack to how to read and interpret the questions and indeed the multiple answers, and this is a skill that you need to learn and practice.

CeMAP 3:

This is also a two hour assessment, however, this time you are provided with six case studies. These case studies are practical examples of client cases that you may face. Once you have read the case study, you are presented with ten multiple choice questions. Again, this is a skill you need to learn and practice. The case studies are very realistic, which means you will be provided with some information that is superfluous and unnecessary – much like what a client will tell you when you are sat with them. You need to learn to select the appropriate information and decide the best thing to do.

CeMAP 2 & 3 exams are all about the practicalities of being a mortgage advisor and assessing your mortgage advice knowledge and this is put to the test thoroughly in these exams.

To make sure you get sufficient practice at these skills, check with your CeMAP training company how they can help you with this.



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