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Here at Beacon Financial Training, we understand that helping people purchase their dream home is a rewarding experience that many would want to be a part of. However, while most are happy to just secure their first house with the assistance of a qualified mortgage advisor, some celebs are definitely giving us ideas for our next home.

In fact, various celebs have been able to use their talent, along with the wealth that comes with it, to buy extravagant mansions to call their own.

This includes X Factor judge Simon Cowell, who took the unusual step of tearing down another mansion to have the one he wanted built in its spot. Meanwhile, singer Katy Perry decided that just one mega home was not enough for her, instead buying two properties that sat side by side. This meant that she could have both a traditional and modern home, just by crossing the driveway.

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld decided on a spot of luxury when he bought his mansion from none other than Billy Joel. However, with a price tag of £20.9m, the home might be a tough sell to most people, even if its cost was probably loose change to the staple of ‘90s television.

Actor and rapper Will Smith’s hard-earned California home, where he lives with his talented family, comes with a number of features that many people would love to own, including a huge garage, tennis courts, a lake, and its own recording studio. Perhaps you too may make a hit here one day, if you strike it rich.

Last but not least, you may want to check out the French second home of Hollywood star couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The 17th-century Château Miraval has its own vineyard, 35 rooms, a moat, gardens, and its own chapel. The place has also already hosted a very special event, as you will find when you explore our infographic.


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